UK residents are subject to the legal provisions of the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000.
Non-UK residents must ensure that they comply with any relevant legislation in their country of residence.
Please read the following terms & conditions carefully.

I understand and agree that my entry into FundEX is free, apart from a 2% success fee (as reduced below) which becomes payable to CMR within seven days of the signing of an agreement and receipt of funds (where appropriate) with a party introduced through FundEX. I agree to pay CMR a success fee of 2% on the value of the agreement with the introduced party. For clarity I acknowledge that this is 2% of any funding obtained, and/or 2% of any company sale price, and/or 2% of all royalties or other amounts received as a direct result of the CMR introduction. In circumstances where the value of any transaction cannot be clearly determined, or there is no monetary value involved, the fee payable to CMR will be agreed reasonably with CMR, based on the value of the agreement to the client. In the event that agreement cannot be reached, then both parties shall appoint an arbitrator and if they cannot agree within 30 days they shall appoint a third arbitrator whose decision shall be final. Above UK500K, the success fee shall be reduced to 1% on the amount over UK500K up to 1 million; and reduced further to 0.5% on amounts over 1 million up to 5 million, and to 0.25% on amounts over 5 million. Deals in other currencies shall be converted at the end-of-day mid-value in London on date of the deal. I agree not to come to any agreement with a party introduced by CMR without CMRs written agreement, which shall not be unreasonably refused. I agree that CMR shall have no liability whatsoever as a result of my use of CMRs facilities, or from any act or omission by CMR. I will also indemnify CMR for any third party claims made against them as a result of my use of CMR facilities. I acknowledge that CMR does not vet or have control over persons who may indicate interest in propositions published on FundEX, and I accept that it is my sole responsibility to undertake due diligence or other investigations in respect of people introduced. I have taken note of CMR's warning that some 'investors' may try to extract upfront fees in circumstances where 'promised' funding may not subsequently be forthcoming and I acknowledge the importance of taking independent professional advice before making any such payment. I have also taken note of CMR's advice to obtain confidentiality agreements directly with any parties introduced through FundEX.