All CMR members are required to agree to abide by CMR's ethical and confidentiality rules. Please read and undertake if appropriate. This will bind you legally.
I undertake to keep confidential all information, data and other details on companies and individuals introduced to me by CMR and to use such information only for the purposes of evaluating the business opportunity presented to me. I will return all documents upon request. This undertaking to maintain confidentiality will terminate; a) with the written agreement of both parties, or b) if the information is found to be in the public domain, or c) if the information is published or otherwise becomes part of the public domain other than through a breach of this agreement, or d) if the information is already known to me.

I undertake not to make any agreement, either directly or indirectly, with any party introduced to me by CMR, without CMR’s written permission.

As an Executive Member of CMR I undertake:
1) To carry out my professional work responsibly and with integrity.
2) Unless specifically authorised by the client, to keep confidential all information, data and other details relating to the client. Further not to cause or allow confidential information to be misused or to be published in any way without the permission of the client.
3) Not to use information acquired during a previous consultancy assignment which in any way could be detrimental to the former client
4) To not receive any undisclosed material benefits other than normal emoluments from any recommendations made in the course of duty.
5) To keep confidential all information, data and other details resulting from CMR/RMC membership and to uphold the reputation of CMR and of fellow members, and not to take any action that harms the interests of CMR, its Regions or members.
6) Abide by the fee sharing and operating rules applying within CMR, namely that any project introduced by or undertaken with any other CMR member, or where the client is obtained by using CMR's products or resources, is a CMR project, subject to management control by CMR Centre or CMR Region, and to the fee sharing rules - which are for standard project business (excluding CMFC Self-funding Loan Scheme work, which has a different fee structure):
a) A commission of 10% of sales revenue (excluding direct expenses charged to the client) will be paid by CMR to the introducing member for projects introduced to CMR. Commission payments will normally relate to fees and equity charged to the client in the first twelve months from the date of introduction, unless specifically agreed otherwise.
b) CMR will pay to the CMR member a fee at 75% of that charged to a client for work undertaken by that member.
c) If the intoduction results in employment with the client, to ensure that the employer enters into CMR's standard recruitment agreement, which includes a provision to pay a 17.5% recruitment to CMR.

CMR will invoice the client directly for all CMR projects, and will pay fees and commissions to CMR members within fourteen days of receiving payment from the client. To avoid taxation problems, CMR members will either invoice CMR for fees due through a limited company, or will give CMR a letter of indemnity to protect CMR from any claims from the tax authorities for employment-related taxes arising from work done by the member on CMR business.

It is understood that the obligations under Clauses 2, 3 & 5 survive beyond termination of membership.

I hereby apply for membership of CMR. I understand that I am responsible for my own taxation affairs and legal liabilities. I agree to abide by CMR's code of ethics and operational rules as above. I confirm the career details given and that they may be included in the CMR Executive Database, unless I indicate otherwise.

If applying for CMR Affiliate Membership, which is operated by Ltd., based outside of the European Union, and if I am resident in and subject to European Union VAT legislation, I confirm that I am in business and will account to the appropriate VAT authorities, if I am liable so to do.