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Many CMR members are successful and build an excellent financially independent career
Some members do find it more difficult to achieve success
Success cannot be guaranteed - by anyone!

CMR MEMBERSHIP - A PERSONAL SUMMARY - by Mike Downey, Managing Director

CMR was originally created with two primary objectives:

1)       To provide small to medium-sized companies with the resources they need for profitable growth, and in particular the funding, management and specialist expertise not normally available to them.

2)       To provide high-ability senior executives with the opportunities and support network to enable each to optimise their potential as independent business people.

CMR's organisation was designed to be particularly attractive to those executives who want to be pro-active in building business activity, and importantly, have the personal skills and ability needed to be successful.

Obtaining business and revenue through CMR is not automatic, and success does require effort and ability to be input.  CMR provides the most comprehensive range of resources for SME's in the UK, opening doors to many companies and entrepreneurs.  Those CMR members able to relate to clients, understand their problems, formulate solutions based on all the resources and expertise available within CMR, and effectively communicate with the client, will be successful.  Those CMR members lacking the ability to do this, will not be so successful, but will be able to work alongside those that are.  CMR provides every assistance to help new members become effective through training programmes and the very supportive network and regional/affinity group arrangements.  However, the bottom line is ultimately dependent on how active and how good the executive is personally.  An entrepreneurial streak is a positive benefit!

Business comes to CMR through four main channels:

1) Companies approaching CMR Centre directly, usually looking for funding!

2) Through marketing and networking connections made locally by the CMR Region, Affinity Group or Special Business Group.

3) Propositions referred by CMR members from contacts they have made privately.

4) Through direct member contact with companies using CMR’s telemarketing service.

The amount of business handled by each CMR Region will be partly a function of geography (London and surrounding areas seem to have a disproportionately higher number of budding entrepreneurs), and partly on the proactive effort put in by regional CMR members.  There is a direct relationship between the effort put into building local network relationships, and the business subsequently obtained.  Regional business levels vary considerably for those reasons.  A review of CMR’s Website (Business Exchange section) will give a feeling for the disposition of the several hundred projects and propositions being handled by CMR at any one time.

Some executives joining CMR from senior positions in major companies find it difficult to relate to the different environment of independent business life and the operating modes of many smaller companies.  The need to personally create and develop opportunities has not necessarily been part of their career experience, and frankly some cannot make the change successfully.  CMR membership is therefore not a guaranteed path to riches, and it is a reality that some members will fail to earn money or get as much from their membership as others.  CMR membership benefits are however quite wide, and because of the very low cost of membership, there will be few not finding it worthwhile, even amongst the less successful.

As a policy, the cost of being a member of CMR is kept to a minimal level, not just for the monthly membership subscription, but also for the training programmes and other facilities, which are all provided at or below actual cost.  Those taking advantage of CMR’s Private Healthcare Scheme with Norwich Union will find their CMR membership is actually at negative cost!  Even the least able CMR member should find CMR to be good value for money, whilst those with real ability will find CMR to be the springboard to many opportunities.   Do not confuse CMR with some of the 'consulting' companies you see advertising and who ask very high joining fees - see the exposé in the Daily Telegraph.