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CMR Executive Network
CMR Residential Course
Direct personal one-on-one mentoring by very experienced CMR Senior Consultants
Gives new members practical training on developing business with clients
Helps new members to more rapidly become financially independent
CMR mentoring is inexpensive from only 250 + VAT per month

CMR Mentoring Programme
The CMR Mentoring Programme is available to all members of CMR.  It allows for the direct personal training by a very experienced CMR senior consultant, which will help to more rapidly acquire clients, business and revenues than would otherwise be the case.  Knowing how to acquire and handle clients is the most important stage for any consultant in developing a successful career as an independent executive. 

The CMR Mentoring arrangements will be personally agreed between the Mentor and 'student' to tailor the programme to the individual needs of the 'student'.  As appropriate, this could include jointly taking appointments with prospective clients for the Mentor to show how to handle the meeting, nurture the client, and greatly improve the chances for achieving a successful outcome.  The Mentor will also be able to demonstrate how to use CMR's wide resource and skills base to provide clients with the desired solutions to the problems they may have.  CMR's Telemarketing Service can be used to generate suitable appointments for the mentoring, or alternatively existing regional client contacts can be used.

We would normally recommend taking the CMR Mentoring Programme for a three month period, but decisions on that are left entirely with the CMR member - the period can be as long or short as the member wishes.

The costs of the mentoring are a private arrangement between the CMR Member and the CMR Mentor - there is no fee loading by CMR itself.  This makes the programme especially good value, particularly as it is likely to advance and enhance the member's earnings potential.

The CMR Mentoring Programme costs from 250 + VAT per month - this will normally give the CMR member reasonable access to the Mentor, but if more time is desired, this can be negotiated directly.

To access the CMR Mentoring Programme simply let the CMR Admin Office know as you join CMR as a full member, and they will make the arrangements directly with you.