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Backers link up to place financing
(Filed: 09/02/2004)

Three small-company organisations have agreed to work together to provide growth businesses with access to finance.

They are Ofex, which trades securities in unlisted companies; AngelBourse, which combines an equity fund-raising arm with a share-trading facility; and the National Business Angels Network, the umbrella organisation for individual groups of sophisticated investors and their advisers. Their joint venture is called Single Pathway to Market.

By using standard documents, signing up to a code of conduct and by integrating their services, the three hope the initiative will overcome the "fragmented and inefficient" route from start-up to the stock market now experienced by growth companies.

The move follows the recent launch of two other services targeting growth companies. One, called CMR, brings companies and private investors together and only charges a success fee. Launched in November, it has already vetted 300 companies.

Another, called DCX, is a private company newswire that aims to connect innovative, growing companies with entrepreneurial investors and corporate venturers.

2 February 2004: Angels keeping in line

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