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A great way to grow your business & profitability

CMR uniquely provides senior executives in every country for:

1) Business growth through exporting – research/planning/actioning

2) Finding the right JV partners, distributors and franchisees

3) Helping with local business management and connections

4) Sourcing new supplies and suppliers

5) Effectively your own executive resource in every territory …………


CMR’s Senior Executives cover every country in the world and are able to help businesses, large and small, to more fully develop their international business and connections. Specifically, this helps companies to build more profitable business through exporting to many more markets, or to find new sources of supply, or to help deal with issues within a country where a CMR executive can personally act for you.

Our executives can also give general advice on their own country about the market for particular products or services and on local customs and laws, plus how best to develop the market - although in each case you must take your own independent professional advice on any aspects that require a definitive or legally based opinion.

This is a very powerful resource to have at your fingertips;  your own CMR Executive in all countries internationally that will enable you to more fully develop your company's potential and profitability without the cost and hassle normally associated with expanding globally.

What does it cost? The answer is actually NOTHING if you act on our advice.  Any costs incurred with CMR (we will pre-agree our moderate fees with you) will be amply recovered many times over from the extra business developed every year thereafter, not to mention the increased value your business will have if you ever decide to sell.

CMR can help in that connection too.  We specialise in helping company owners to sell their businesses - and it is highly possible that the ideal purchaser of your business who is willing to pay top price, is a company in another country who is looking to expand into your markets. We also of course, in addition look for the right potential buyers in your own country.

To start the process, simply make contact with CMR directly at cmr@cmrworld.com - we will arrange for a CMR Senior Executive local to you to make contact for a (free) initial discussion. Our executive has access to CMR’s entire global network, including our specialist industry experts - we have senior executives from every industry and business discipline.  All contact with CMR is of course, in the utmost confidence.


We can help you to achieve major global growth and profitability.


Our track record of success will help you to be successful...

Since Cavendish Management Resources established its unique investor base, back in 1984, it has enjoyed substantial growth and now comprises several hundred private investors, and a similar number of senior executives. This combination of wide ranging executive expertise and private investments funds provides an exceptional support base for small to medium-sized businesses.

CMRs executives are all senior managers with many years experience of business at the sharp end. Most have held board appointments in major corporations, but now exercise their professional skills for the benefit of smaller companies. The diversity of industries and disciplines in which these executives have expertise, enables CMR to provide support to companies in every market sector.


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