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Recruit experienced executives the best, quickest and less expensive way

Permanent Executives, Directors, Interim Managers, Consultants, Non-Executive Directors, Part Time Managers















The quality executives you want
  • - quickly
  • - inexpensively and reliably
Recruiting high calibre executives through CMR is easy, quick, inexpensive and reliable. Within hours you can be in discussion with suitable candidates. No up-front cost with only a 17.5% success fee 1st time - reducing by 50% for all subsequent recruitments.
Donít recruit executives the expensive, time-consuming conventional way, until you have checked the executives you could access through CMR.
How the online system works:

1) Specify the type of candidate sought and give brief details on the position

2) System presents you with a thumbnail on all CMR executives meeting the spec

3) Select the executives of interest

4) System fires an email to each notifying of your interest

5) Candidates click a button which sends an email to you confirming their interest and attaching their full CV with contact details

6) Contact the candidate as appropriate, arrange interview and directly negotiate terms.  Upon successful recruitment you pay a 17.5% success fee to CMR (discounted by 50% for all subsequent recruitments).

It's the quickest, most inexpensive, and hassle-free way to recruit very high calibre executives.  Literally within hours you can recruit the people you need.







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