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       To thank those introducing business:

      CMR Business Referral Scheme

         Very significant commission for introducing business, and investors to CMR

              Mike Downey              Managing Director


BUSINESS INTRODUCTIONS:  CMR will pay 7.5% of the first year's net fees it earns from clients introduced.  That's 7.5% of fees earned by CMR for introducing: business funding, management support, company sales, M&A, corporate recovery, technology licensing and all the many other services provided by CMR.

So if you know of businesses that need funding, or are coming up for sale, or have good technology that needs commercial development, or are having financial difficulties, or need management support or any of the other services CMR provides - then introduce them - we can greatly help them and you will greatly benefit too!

INVESTOR INTRODUCTIONS:  CMR will pay 7.5% of the funding success fees earned by CMR when a private investor introduced by you invests into a CMR managed project.  CMR does not charge investors - our fees are derived from the businesses being funded.

So if you know of private individuals anywhere in the world who would be able to self-certify as being a high net worth or sophisticated investor - then introduce them  - we can provide them with many excellent investment opportunities and you benefit too!

HOW TO DO IT:  Ask your introduced investor(s) to complete the short application form at www.cmrworld.com/inv/privateinvestors.ASP - for legal reasons it is important they do this themselves.  Then simply send an email to cmr@cmrworld.com giving the names of your introduction(s) - this will be acknowledged and when fees have been received by CMR you will be paid the 7.5% commission.  It's very easy and straightforward.  The scheme obviously applies only to new business & people introduced.

The Small Print:  The commissions stated refer to the net fees received by CMR and will generally be paid within 14 working days of receipt by CMR (to allow bank clearance).  Sometimes CMR will bring-in outside specialists/ companies to assist on projects, and the costs involved will be netted-off from the gross fees received from the client to arrive at CMR's net fees.  Sometimes CMR's fees will be partly or fully in the form of an equity interest in the client's business - the commission scheme applies to any equity holding too.  For Investor introductions if more than one investor invests into a project the 7.5% commission on success fees earned by CMR will be pro-rated accordingly.  Commissions on investor introductions will apply for ten years from the date of each introduction. The CMR Scheme obviously applies only to new business & people introduced.  CMR will accept introductions made by acknowledging and stating acceptance.

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