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The benefits of having an independent review and assessment of your career and future plans cannot be overstated.  Not only will it help you to live a more satisfying and worthwhile life for yourself and family – it will often result in greater appreciation and reward.

CMR’s Career Counselling is unique, because like many other companies counselling services we can help those who want to stay in corporate employment.  The uniqueness of CMR is that we can also advise those interested in developing alternative employment opportunities, or starting an independent career as a consultant, business specialist or as a business owner.  We can not only provide advice, but CMR provides the actual business channels and resources through our fourteen operating divisions throughout the UK and Ireland.  Furthermore, CMR provides the training and mentoring that helps those that are motivated and able, to develop revenue and income as quickly as possible.

How the CMR Career Counselling Service operates

1)      First stage is a review of career to date, an assessment of personal strengths, weaknesses and aptitudes.

2)      Next stage is to discuss aspirations, look at options, and develop a personal strategy for optimising the potential and developing the most satisfying and happiest lifestyle for you and your family.

3)      This will lead to a conclusion on whether you are already in the right discipline, industry and company.  If the answer is ‘yes’ the counselling will move onto to consider how to improve future career potential, quality of life, and the optimisation of future earnings if that is desired!

4)      If the conclusion is that you are in the right job, but perhaps not the right company (or perhaps no company at all), the work will move onto look at other companies, prepare CV a suitable application/ targeting strategy and presentation preparation (CV and interview technique training). 

5)      If the conclusion is that a change of career direction is desirable, the options and strategy will be discussed.  If it’s for an employed position, then the action in 4. above will be applicable.

6)      If the conclusion is that the development of an independent career is preferable, then the options will be discussed, and as appropriate, you will be invited to review and consider CMR’s direct business operations.  The main options through CMR are:

a.       Consultancy and executive business support through CMR’s regional structure.

b.      Working with CMR’s Special Business Groups – providing expert services - M&A, Corporate Recovery, Company Sales, Technology Licensing, plus many more – see website.

c.       CMR’s MBI (management buy-in) Programme – enables the acquisition of companies by CMR members and investors.

d.      CMR’s Interim Management Programme – obtaining interim appointments

e.       Developing private business – all CMR members have access to CMR’s resources to help them develop their own private business or consultancy.

To investigate this CMR Career Counselling Service further simply send a short email with your contact details, attaching your CV/Resume to cmr@cmrworld.com – one of our career counselling executives will then make contact with you to discuss further – confidentially and without obligation.  The cost will be modest and depend on the route forward - it will of course be discussed with you.

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