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Get the expert advice you need - quickly and at low cost

CMR provides a fast-response service, accessed online, enabling business owners/ executives and entrepreneurs to confidentially discuss business problems/ situations with an experienced CMR executive. 

The service costs only a nominal £100 / €150 / or $200 payable by credit card, and gives up to one hour of executive time.  The service can be accessed from anywhere in the world although the language and any legal references will be English.

How the service operates:

1)    Send a brief email to cmr@cmrworld.com giving a summary of the problem/ situation you would like to discuss or have advice on.  As appropriate you can attached any relevant documents or information.

2)    You will make credit card payment on the CMR Website at http://www.cmrworld.com/adhocpay.asp - we will acknowledge receipt.

3)    Upon receipt of both, CMR will identify who of its many executives is best equipped to deal with your case.  All CMR’s executives are highly experienced, senior director level people – from all industries and disciplines.

4)    The CMR executive will contact you as quickly as possible by either email or phone to discuss your problem/ situation and give you the best advice they can.  If more time will be needed they will pre-agree arrangements directly with you. 

5)    Whilst the advice given will be the best they can, it is informal advice and you must take proper local professional advice as appropriate before taking any action or decisions.  Ultimate responsibility rests with you.

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