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The FundEX Video Facility helps companies & entrepreneurs to communicate their ideas and plans, and it helps investors to better understand the proposition being made to them.

It's a very powerful tool - and it's free to use.  Even a short clip, taken on an ordinary digital camera, of the entrepreneur talking briefly about their plans, is far better than no video at all.  And by uploading a video clip, the proposition will be given presentational priority and will appear at the top of all searches.

If entering a proposition onto FundEX click the video button on the input page - you can upload up to 3 minutes of video.  You can use an ordinary digital camera to do this.  Obviously the better the quality, the better the impression presented - use good lighting levels and a steady hand!  You should use the video facility to help potential investors see and hear the company's management, and to explain the products or services the company offers.  If you have any problems, then simply email us at - we will help you.

Investors can see the video by clicking the Video Button on the proposition detail page.

Advice re video clips:

1) Keep it as short & concise as possible - don't bore!  Do not use inappropriate language or scenes - this would result in the proposition being deleted.

2) Use the video to give potential investors an understanding of the company's products or services, and of the management team they are being asked to invest in.

3) Try to achieve the best technical quality of video/audio by using good lighting levels and a steady hand.  Professional presentations are obviously the best, but can be expensive.  Most digital cameras will be suitable.

4) Remember that although all investors have click-signed a confidentiality agreement, you should still be careful about revealing at this stage anything you consider to be particularly sensitive or confidential.

5) When ready, upload the video clip (in .wmv format) on the proposition input page.  There will be a short delay before the proposition and video are uploaded to the FundEX website - all content is vetted prior to upload.


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