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CMR's Progressive Company Sale Programme (PCSP) is specifically designed to help owners of businesses to retire, realising the maximum financial gain, whilst retaining control and flexibility over their personal retirement schedule.

Effectively the Programme is an innovative form of MBI (Management Buy-in), whereby a purchase price for the business is agreed (this is likely to significantly higher than for an outright purchase), following which a team of CMR executives as agreed with the retiring owner, will start to work with the owner in managing and running the business. When the owner is comfortable with the team working with him or her, they may decide to gradually start the retirement process.

Irrespective of whether the owner continues working, he will receive the distributable profits each year until the full agreed purchase price has been paid in this way. For the following five years after full payment received, the now ex-owner will be paid a bonus equal to 10% of each year's profits.

There are safeguards that protect the owner and CMR. These safeguards effectively allow the owner to terminate the agreement if he or she becomes unhappy with the arrangements. This means that the Programme is essentially without risk.

The Programme represents an opportunity for the retiring owner to obtain the services of highly experienced executives, in a way that is mutually beneficial for both the owner and the CMR executives involved. It also provides a most innovative exit route for the owner, which is progressive and entirely flexible in terms of the owner's desired retirement schedule.

Whilst the PCS Programme is primarily designed for owners wishing to retire, it is also applicable for situations where the Managing Director of a company is incapacitated or worse. The Programme places very experienced executives into the company, and this could be a very valuable way for shareholders or trustees to safeguard their financial interest in the business.  

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