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Many companies have significant profit improvement potential already locked into their business, which only needs the specialist key of cost reduction expertise to release it. Many of those businesses are unaware of the tremendous amount of money that can be saved through having experts in this area examine their operating cost base. Because of the usually huge amounts that can be saved, the CMR Cost Reduction/ Profit Improvement Division will usually work on a no-fee basis, but for a share of the savings they help achieve. For the company this means that the exercise will be entirely a win-win situation, with no up-front costs involved.

The CMR Cost Reduction/ Profit Improvement Service looks at two main areas within the company:

1) Procurement; a purchase audit is undertaken over the entire purchased cost base (materials and overheads), following which recommendations will be made on either re-negotiations with existing suppliers, or resourcing to new suppliers. Cost savings in the range 10 - 20% are usually achieved, often with an improvement in supplier quality (all new suppliers have been pre-vetted).

2) Internal Cost Efficiency; by looking at the business operations, the way work flows and materials are arranged, plus many other business aspects, surprisingly high cost savings can be achieved. When combined with the procurement savings above, overall cost savings can exceed 25%. The consequent effect on profitability can be astounding - often more than doubling profits!

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