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CMR MBI Programme - Management Buy-in

Transform your career by running your own business

Sell your business to an experienced executive

CMR's MBI PROGRAMME is the best way for entrepreneurial senior executives to build their own successful business and true financial independence - individually or as part of a team

For senior executives looking to run their own business, the MBI-purchase of an existing, proven business makes far more sense than trying to start-up a new business from scratch with all the risks that entails.  MBI is a serious career route for all senior executives having the necessary entrepreneurial skills and motivation.

For owners of private businesses it is a real challenge to find suitable buyers, especially for retirement sales. Children no longer wish to take over family firms and with the changing economy trade sales are no longer so easy or rewarding.  In parallel, many senior experienced executives are looking to control their own destiny and run their own business. The challenge is matching candidates with opportunities.

The CMR MBI Programme starts with a preliminary discussion with business owners who are interested in examining the possibilities for selling their business.  The CMR executive handling that discussion will be able to fully inform on the merits of going a conventional sale route (for which CMR provides an excellent service through its Company Sale Division), and/or going the MBI route.  In many cases the advice to the owner will be to go both routes simultaneously.

If the business is considered suitable for the MBI route, the CMR executive will review with the owner the attractiveness of the business to buyers, and advise on changes that should be made and in the way the proposition should be presented.  Normally this preliminary review will be free-of-charge.  Any specific work required to bring the proposition to the point that it can be introduced to buyers/MBI'ers will be discussed and fees pre-agreed with the owner.  If there are any weaknesses in the business that need to be addressed before putting up for sale, CMR will be able to provide the resources and advise on action needed.

When the business is considered to be 'MBI-ready' the proposition will be directly introduced to CMR's MBI Executives/ Investors for consideration.  Whilst a certain amount of pre-vetting has already happened, it must be emphasised that responsibility for taking independent professional advice and due diligence rests solely with those making an offer for the business.

The proposition will be directly notified to those CMR MBI Members where there is a good fit with their stated preferences.  It will also be placed on the CMR MBI Website, and there will be regular newsletters to CMR MBI Members listing all MBI propositions received and 'vetted'. 

Up to this point, CMR's service to its MBI Executives/ Investors has been free-of-charge.  To take an interest in a proposition further, the MBI Member will need to upgrade to CMR Associate (RMC) Membership or above, which then gives access to all of CMR's facilities and resources (click for details).  If/when a company purchase/MBI is completed a fee is payable to CMR by the company purchasers of 0.5% of the total purchase price.

CMR provides the resources and help needed to make the MBI experience as easy and as straightforward as possible - from the presentation of 'vetted' opportunities, to all the skill and financial resources needed, plus help and training to make success more assured.  For more details on the CMR MBI Training Seminar please click here

It's free to join as a CMR MBI Executive Member - it will open many potential opportunities and widen horizons for all.

Register as a free CMR MBI Executive Member - click here

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