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CMR Consultant Directorship

               - for entrepreneurial director-level senior executives

CMR is growing globally and needs more highly experienced executives

Economic circumstances are greatly expanding CMR's business base and we have a need for more senior, experienced executives to join us throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australasia, South & Central America and internationally, from all industries and disciplines.

CMR provides management support and resources to businesses and entrepreneurs globally

Our services

Our Consultant Directors provide management support and a wide range of essential business resources, including funding, to small and medium-sized enterprises.  We also provide consultancy services to the government and public sector.  CMR has its own large bank of private investors.  We have a continuous stream of clients coming to us from all over the world – often asking for funding from our investor bank.  The vast majority are in fact usually in need of experienced management input both to help them prepare for being introduced to potential investors, and to provide management support into the future whether the funding is forthcoming or not.  For many, there are other, better ways to move forward without needing direct funding – but they need guidance and management support for this too.  Providing those resources is CMR's core business – giving clients access to our senior executive base of top-level expertise. 

CMR Special Facilities during Economic Difficulties

Hard times particularly impact smaller businesses, as sales turnover diminishes and net profits turn into losses.  Businesses will respond by cutting-back on costs and releasing employees, but for many, they eventually reach a point where further cuts cannot be made without serious damage to the company.  This process will often end with the company going into liquidation, which often means that the owner/ shareholders lose everything.  CMR has a solution that is unique-to-CMR - we call it our Catalyst Group Scheme, which will almost instantly convert even loss-making SMEs into a highly profitable group, for the benefit of all, including the CMR executive members involved.  You can see a brief brochure on this at CMRcatalystgroups

Unlimited potential for our Consultant Directors

CMR provides a platform for its senior executive members to fully develop their own careers and business activities through using the skills and experience built over the years, to now help those smaller businesses.  Significant earnings are attainable, particularly when achieving successful outcomes for clients.

We have a wide and eclectic range of clients continually coming to us, from every industry and every part of the world – there is never a lack of interesting propositions and opportunities.  It is an excellent way for talented executives to build an exciting and rewarding career, becoming financially independent with the flexibility and freedom that comes with that.  Of course we expect our executives to work to CMR’s high ethical & business standards, but they do have considerable personal freedom.

We leverage CMR's global skill base, giving each client maximum access to the real expertise within CMR that’s relevant to their industry and circumstances.  We do this by notifying all CMR executive members (worldwide), with details of all new clients and propositions received, with the request to make contact if they have a special input, experience or connections that could be useful.  In this way, every CMR executive has the opportunity to contribute and earn fees from helping clients, wherever they are in the world.  CMR executives can also use CMR’s considerable resource base to directly build and acquire new clients from local connections and networks.  For those CMR executives with motivation, personal gravitas and good business abilities, there is absolutely no lack of opportunity for earning high income.

Effectively running your own business with CMR

CMR Executive Membership is particularly suitable for very experienced and senior executives who either wish to make the move from large corporate employment to becoming financially and career-independent – OR – have already made that move but would like more business and a wider involvement with more clients.  CMR Consultant Directors do have the freedom to allocate their time between their own private activities and those of CMR. 

We provide training and mentoring

Although senior executives joining us will already have a successful career track record and will undoubtedly have most of the business skills we need, we provide comprehensive training for new members to help them rapidly achieve success with CMR. We have a highly supportive structure giving all an excellent network of colleagues and skills - and of course, many opportunities for business.

CMR is non-profit with our executives

CMR works on the basis of sharing infrastructure costs through a small monthly subscription - this allows all CMR Consultant Directors to make use of all CMR resources in developing business/income and also means that the vast majority of client fee revenue received is paid to those CMR Consultant Directors involved on each project.

The executive membership costs vary according to membership category and country, but in all cases the annual cost is well below one day's consulting income.  The actual costs will be included in our response on receiving a membership application or inquiry.  As a policy, we keep membership costs at an absolutely minimal level

For our standard operations; of the fees we receive from clients, 85% goes to those introducing and working on client projects, 7½% is for local management and marketing, 7½% goes for central finance & admin.  Our Special Business Groups receive 90% of fees received.

How to join us

The particular attributes you need to have for CMR are:

1)      Very senior, director-level business experience

2)      Personal credibility & gravitas – the ability to gain the respect of clients

3)      Entrepreneurial ability – to quickly understand and think-through a client’s business

4)      Personal motivation and a desire to achieve success for clients

The CMR overall website (click Home above) is necessarily quite complex because of the enormous range of services and resources we provide for clients.  Please read as much as you can, and if it feels right for you please email your CV/resume to Mike Downey, Managing Director at cmr@cmrworld.com - we will then contact you to discuss further. 

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!

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CMR's track record of success will help you to be successful...

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