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Selling a business is probably one of the most important things an owner does in their life. It's important to plan it properly, to fully prepare the business for sale to optimise values, and to have to widest market of potential buyers.


This Guide for Owners works through the processes undertaken by CMR when we are managing a sale for a client.

First Stage: The Planning Stage; this involves arranging the company's affairs and structure to maximise its likely appeal to prospective buyers, and to optimise the owner's personal and taxation arrangements.

Second Stage: The Profit Improvement Stage; by bringing-in CMR's cost reduction, profit improvement team, great cost savings can be achieved - giving significant profit improvements, which in turn results in a much higher sales price valuation. Profits will often be doubled through this process in the couple of years or so, prior to the actual company sale.

Final Stage: The Company Sale - there are many possibilities to consider, ranging from a straight conventional sale, a merger, MBI, MBO or CMR's unique Progressive Company Sale Programme (click here for details). The important thing about the selling stage is to ensure that you have the widest possible audience of appropriate potential buyers from which to select. For this you need an organisation with a national reach, with experts in your area of business, who can introduce the opportunity for acquiring your business, on a confidential basis, to those companies that are the best match. In that way, the best price and terms will be achieved. CMR is a company with all those resources.

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