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‘Wouldn't It Be Good' if we could develop the overseas markets for our products.
‘Wouldn't It Be Good' if we could get some expert help to make it happen.
‘Wouldn't It Be Good' if that help were available to us whenever we need it – not just to set-up our exporting business, but to be with us all the way through.
‘Wouldn't It Be Good' if the people helping us had great knowledge about our industry, and with the connections that can smooth our path
‘Wouldn't It Be Good' if they would help us with all the export documentation involved with banks, customs, shipping, etc., etc.

"This is the RMC service that’s available to help all manufacturing companies to expand their market base through exporting."

Normally this can be difficult, because not only is it necessary to find local partners or distributors, but there are often issues such as packaging, language, technical compliance, not to mention legal, banking, customs and shipping documentation – and many other impediments designed to make exporting difficult!

RMC’s executives have great experience of handling all these aspects, and can guide clients through the maze of regulation and documentation. In addition, because of the scope of RMC’s operations, we have the connections that can be vital for establishing the relations with overseas companies that are essential for trading in each new territory to happen smoothly.


Please contact RMC head office or our local representative. They will put you in direct touch with a RMC exporting specialist who will be able to discuss and advise in relation to your specific business situation.

They will also be able to discuss the next steps, and the financial arrangements – which can be quite flexible.

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