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'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we had a qualified and highly experienced Finance Director to help us manage the business better. 
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if they would help in making sure our financial systems were working OK.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if they helped us to make the right decisions in running our business.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if they could also help us with any financial or administration problems we encounter.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if this help could be provided without it costing the earth.

Financially controlling a business is of vital importance - more companies fail to realise their real potential through the neglect of financial management than any other single cause.  Most businessmen and entrepreneurs want to spend most of their time in driving the business forward rather than counting the beans.  This is the way things should be - but it is vital that someone is properly managing the finances.

This where RMC helps.  RMC as part of the CMR Group has many highly experienced financial executives - not just 'accountants', but people who understand the business aspects involved.  Many of RMC's financial executives have managed the finances of large corporations and so are able to bring a very high level of expertise and knowledge in helping your company to manage its finances well.

Normally this level of expertise would be expensive, but by arranging involvement on a part-time basis to suit the company's situation, the overall cost to the company can be quite low.  The Company effectively has a very experienced Finance 'Director' at a fraction of the normal costs involved.

Please contact RMC head office or our local representative. They will put you in direct touch with a RMC exporting specialist who will be able to discuss and advise in relation to your specific business situation.

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