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'Wouldn't It Be Good' if there were expert help available to guide us through the laws and regulations affecting employment.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we could get help whenever a 'personnel' problem arises.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we could be sure that our personnel and training policies were right for both the company and our employees.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we could get an inexpensive review to make sure we comply with all the rules and regulations concerning employment.

RMC's personnel and human resources specialists can help all companies, large or small, in all matters affecting employee resources - including the provision of suitable training programmes.

From a legal viewpoint, employee resources has become a jungle, and any employer who is not paying very careful attention to these issues is vulnerable to attack from the authorities or employees directly.  Every company should have regular reviews of its personnel policies and associated functional aspects to know that it is not vulnerable.  These reviews are not expensive, and can bring great peace of mind in knowing that all is in order.
Also, if problems ever do arise in the area of personnel resources, it's good to know that professional advice and help is available from RMC, to guide the company through the troubles.  There is no doubt that the right advice at the outset of a problem, can pay great dividends through helping to diffuse or mitigate otherwise expensive outcomes.

RMC's Personnel & Human Resources Consultancy Service, also covers many other areas, including the provision of training programmes for employees over many operational areas.

RMC's Interim Management & Executive Recruitment Service will be of particular value to those companies needing to acquire new or additional executive resources, either on a permanent or temporary basis.  By visiting our Website at www.cmruk.com the full range of RMC's executive resources can be viewed, and the easy search facilities incorporated allow for the rapid identification of the RMC executives that fit the profile sought, together with colour photo, CV and skills/interests.  RMC's internal systems allow for the rapid introduction of selected candidates, and the whole process is both quick and hassle-free, and inexpensive!

For more information, please contact RMC Head Office or RMC's local representative.

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