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'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we had an expert in production and purchasing look-over what we are doing, and help us to become more efficient.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we knew for certain that we complied with all the rules - health & safety rules, environmental rules, employment rules, etc.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if there were people we could call in to help with problems as they arise, to help with quality or performance issues, or just to help generally.
The advantage to a company of having available an independent professional with great experience in the specific industry concerned is immeasurable.  Not just in helping the company to improve its operational processes, but also in helping existing staff to maintain performance and quality improvements into the future.

RMC's highly experienced production and purchasing executives come from every industry sector - which means that the advice and help given by RMC is always completely relevant to the company's own circumstances.

RMC's Production & Purchasing Consultancy Services are segmented to provide exactly the help needed:

RMC Production Operations Review - a thorough review and assessment of the company's production operations, to determine areas where improvements could be made.  Every company should have a RMC Review at least every three years - they are inexpensive and can result in major improvements to operational efficiency, quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability
RMC Purchasing Systems Consultancy - RMC's supply chain specialists will help the company to review its purchasing methods, inventory control and purchasing sources.  The result will invariably be a significant improvement to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
RMC Operations Quality Review - a specialist review of the company's operations from a quality assurance viewpoint, which will highlight areas for improvement affecting quality and customer satisfaction.  RMC can also assist the company to gain ISO accreditation as appropriate.
RMC Environmental & Waste Management Consultancy - RMC's environmental specialists are able to guide companies through the labyrinth of regulation that now affects environmental aspects of company operations.  RMC advice and assistance in this area can help prevent major problems arising in the future.
RMC Health & Safety Consultancy - now a complex subject affecting most companies in the UK.  The value of having an RMC review of the company's operations from a Health & Safety viewpoint cannot be overstated, and can prove invaluable in dealing with the authorities should a problem arise in the future.
RMC Logistics Consultancy - a specialised service from RMC to help companies to improve logistic operations or to solve problems that arise. 

For more information, please contact RMC Head Office or RMC's local representative.

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