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‘Wouldn't It Be Good' if there was someone we could turn to whenever we have 'bank trouble' or when we want to negotiate further banking facilities.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we always knew we were not being overcharged by our bank.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we knew which banks or finance providers would be best approached for the type of funding we need.  This could be especially valuable if our own bank turned us down.
'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we knew someone who could help us get more difficult funding or funding that comes from UK government or EU sources.
RMC has many experienced financing and banking experts, including many senior bankers who thoroughly know the ins-and-outs of the banking system.  They can help companies to get the financing they need, and to help those companies to 'work the system' to maximum advantage.  At any particular time, some banks will like certain types of deal, whilst others will not - knowing where to go is an important part of getting what you want!
The same expertise and knowledge base is also important in helping companies who are experiencing 'difficulties' with their bank.  By having someone who fully knows 'the system' to handle or advise on these bank dealings, a satisfactory outcome can be achieved.  Just call RMC whenever trouble looms!
As reported regularly in the newspapers and TV, banks are always overcharging their customers - and often get away with it!  The overcharging can relate to both bank charges and interest.  The banks' charging systems are so complex that it is often impossible, without detailed analysis, to know that you are being overcharged.  The overcharging has been known to amount to many thousands of pounds for some companies over the years.  RMC's Bank Charge Check Programme, will determine whether YOUR company has been overcharged, and if so, will help to recover the money for you.  RMC's Programme is available either on a time-fee basis, or a 'no-fee but 50/50 share the refunds obtained' basis

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