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CMR Executive Network

One day intensive course
Gives insight and training in all aspects of how to be a successful consultant
Workshop is open to all CMR members
Attendees always give the course an excellent rating - highly recommended!

CMR Executive Workshop Programme


        MODULE  1


       Programme objective:                                                       

              to provide CMR Members with the knowledge and skills  required for marketing services

              to the SME and public sector

       Introduction  - working with our members


             Who & what is CMR?  -  values, focus and philosophy

             SME Profile

             Overview of CMR Services & Products

              Working with CMR - moving forward


       The SME Sector & the CMR Executive

  •                 The main problems/opportunities of concern to SME's

  •                 The characteristics of the entrepreneur

  •                 CMR consultancy vision                                           

  •                 Problem centred v client approach and identifying with the marketplace


      Sales and Marketing

  •                 Marketing Yourself

  •                 Operating in CMR - regionally, by industry, by special business groups


      The potential client & his needs

  •       The process

  •       The first contact with the intermediary/client

  •       Preparation                

  •       Handling the first meeting - intermediary/client 

  •       Building rapport and gaining interest -  client benefits

  •       Questioning skills

  •       Identifying clients key objectives, problems & opportunities

  •       Opinions, facts and summarising needs


      Assessing business performance        

  •                       Market Analysis       -  Orientation, Knowledge          

  •                       Operation Analysis  -  Resources usage, Waste, Quality Controls, Development, Leadership

  •                       Organisational Strengths

  •                       Manufacture - positioning

  •                       Financial Analysis     -  Trends and Key Ratios

  •                       Growth potential

  •                       Business plan


     Presenting the Proposal


  • Features, Advantages, Benefits      

  • Style & Content

      Investment & Investors

      Equity & debt Funding

      Revenue Sharing


      Personal Financial Implications

  •       Structure for fees  - how and when?

  •        Criteria

  •        Options




Self Presentation & Self Preservation

Telephone Behaviour

Elements of effective client handling

Products, services & commissions

Exceeding Clients' Needs















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