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CMR Executive Network
SBG's provide special services for all CMR areas
SBG's crewed by CMR & RMC experts
SBG's are autonomous businesses within CMR

Part of the underlying strength of CMR is its ability to provide highly specialised, experts services - wherever it has regional operations.  These are provided by CMR Special Business Groups - each group comprises executive members (Full & RMC Associates) with particular skills and many years experience in that specific area.  CMR Special Business Groups work in conjunction with CMR Regional Operations, and this means that regional executive members can handle clients with highly specialised needs, even though the executive member concerned does not personally have those skills.

CMR Special Business Groups cover the following high-level business areas:

Mergers & acquisitions

Company sales & value improvement

Intellectual Property Licensing

Corporate Recovery/ Restructuring

Corporate Finance & Special Procurement-backed Loans

Business & Strategic Planning

Dispute resolution & arbitration

Each CMR Special Business Group operates as a semi-autonomous business, but under the overall umbrella of CMR.  All Full and RMC Associate Executive Members can register their interest in being part of any Special Business Group, providing they have an excellent experience background in that area of operations.  However, the management and executive structure of each SBG is determined by the SBG's Board of Directors, who are also responsible for quality standards, training, etc.

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