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CMR Executive Network
Opportunities to meet similar business people
Opportunities to build business in your specialist area
Affinity Groups are international - open to Full & RMC members

CMR AFFINITY GROUPS comprise Full and RMC Associate Members who share a common experience and skill base.  There are approximately fifty Affinity Groups (click here for details) - most are industry based, but some are function based.

By joining an appropriate Affinity Group, executive members will get to meet all the other members who have a similar background to themselves.  This is obviously good from a networking point of view, but Affinity Groups can be far more than this.  If the members of a particular group wish, their Affinity Group can be a business unit in its own right - the group can develop products and services, based on their own specialist skills; they can combine these with other CMR resources (including funding), and market those services directly into their own industry sector.  In addition, by using the generic RMC brochure system, they can also use the entire CMR executive membership base as a potential sales force for their products and services (in return for a 10% introductory commission).

Affinity Groups are a laissez-faire area of CMR's operations.  This means that whether or not a specific Affinity Group is operationally active, will depend entirely on the group's members.  Some Affinity Groups are very active, but others may not be as active as others.  The CMR Affinity Group system is structured such that just one motivated individual can drive a group forward.  This gives opportunity to those that have the drive to make their particular Affinity Group a success.


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