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CMR Executive Network

Senior, experienced executives
High net worth investors
Small-to-medium-sized businesses

By combining these components, CMR creates an entrepreneurial environment that allows each of these parties to derive great mutual advantage from the interface.  Businesses get the experienced help they need; CMR's investors get ring-side opportunities to assess propositions from companies & entrepreneurs; CMR's executives get the opportunity to use their skills and experience to help those smaller businesses, and to interface and develop career/ business opportunities with all the other executive members of CMR.

CMR's deal flow comes both from businesses looking for support (very often for funding help) and from those using CMR's Global Business Exchange.  Each company approaching CMR represents an opportunity for our executives (CMR Full & RMC Associate Members) to help those businesses, often on a far broader basis than the initial reason for contact.

In addition to the business flow through CMR, every CMR executive member benefits from being part of the global executive network.  This in turn, gives many opportunities to develop business and career interests, and to take advantage of the many social and business networking facilities available.  CMR's Training Courses and Mentoring/ Counselling Programme help to prepare corporate executives for their new career as an independent executive.

CMR's operations originally started in the United Kingdom, but are now being extended to all major countries throughout the world.

CMR already has over 450 Executive Members who have proven track records as successful business people.  They provide a wide range of expertise, covering virtually every industry and discipline. CMR is in a period of steady and rapid growth, and we are interested in attracting new Executive Members who can contribute their skills and experience.  If you are interested in becoming an Executive Member, please send your CV by email to or by post to CMR, 29-31 Harley Street, London W1G 9QR.  Scottish executives should send their CV to: CMR Scotland, St. Andrews House, 141 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2RN.  Irish executives should contact CMR Ireland, Arena House, Arena Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18 - OR - apply online by clicking here!


Since Cavendish Management Resources established its unique investor base, back in 1984, it has enjoyed substantial growth and is now the foremost provider of funding, business and management support to the small to medium-sized (SME) company sector in the UK. CMR has grown through combining the experience and business skills of its executive members with the financial resources of its private investor bank. CMR’s investor base now comprises several hundred private investors with a combined investment capability in excess of 200 million. CMR’s investors are constantly seeking good business propositions. In addition, CMR is a National Special Associate of NBAN - National Business Angel Network, with access to several thousand additional private investors.

CMR’s network of executive members, all of whom have many years of senior management experience, provide the help that many companies need both before and after investment input.  For some companies, investment is not always the best or possible route forward, and CMR’s executives help by taking the client along the path that is best for them.

CMR has a wide range of services and facilities to provide the help that is needed. CMR’s growth continues through a spreading awareness of the organisation’s capabilities. CMR’s services are listed by the British Venture Capital Association - Sources of Business Angel Capital, and the British Chambers of Commerce, amongst others.  CMR and The Daily Telegraph Business & Skills Directory have formally linked their activities.  As CMR has expanded, so has its executive network, which with several hundred senior executives, represents a major force in itself, and now generates a great deal of business through the inter-reaction and contacts of the members of the network.

CMR’s growth has been achieved through expanding its management base over fourteen regional operations.  CMR’s future success will continue to be based on building the excellence of its executive network.  The Internet provides CMR with its own organisation-wide data and communications network, and importantly allows CMR to provide the most efficient senior executive interim management and executive recruitment service available in the UK.  A visit to our Website at is always worthwhile!  CMR’s potential market is unlimited and for those senior executives with the ability and motivation, CMR membership will provide a continuous flow of opportunities unequalled in potential.


Major UK & Irish management consultancy

Concentration on SME sector

Own funding resources

Regionally based

Multiple fee earning potential

Very significant executive network

Major Global Interim Management Agency



CMR concentrates on helping smaller companies (turnover range from 1 million to 70 million), who usually share the twin handicaps of being both under-capitalised and under-managed, often at the same time!  These smaller companies can be very innovative, and capable of producing much higher growth rates, providing they are given the right combination of financial input and management support.

This is the unique combination that CMR brings to bear - the input of very experienced management together with the financial support needed to allow for rapid and controlled growth.  CMR has a wide range of services:  Although the majority of client companies initially approach CMR for funding input, in many cases this is not necessarily the appropriate or best way forward for the company, and a particular strength of CMR is the ability to help such companies through the wide range of other CMR services and facilities provided through its regional structure.

CMR operates through fourteen geographic Regions: Projects are handled by the most appropriate CMR Region, enabling CMR to give a truly local service to its clients. CMR does not sell its services:  CMR members are not required to sell.  CMR undertakes marketing and awareness-building activities through PR and direct contact with local professional firms, banks, etc., who refer clients to CMR. Additionally CMR has close links with UK business research universities and major UK professional firms, enabling CMR to identify those clients most likely to benefit from our services.

CMR Revenue Sources: For many CMR executive members, it is their involvement with the project and proposition flow through CMR that will be most important. Each proposition (and there are several hundred being processed at any one time) represents an opportunity to help that company, and through building the right relationship with them, can lead into a much wider business potential.

The opportunities arising from CMR’s Interim Management Programme can also be important - each CMR member is continuously ‘presented’ on the world wide web to prospective employers.

CMR's Training Programme helps to convert client contact to revenue: The real skill needed to be a successful consultant is the ability to turn an initial contact with a client into an on-going relationship that can generate income for years to come. CMR provides specific training to help its executives to acquire, or brush-up on, this essential ability to handle client relationships effectively.

CMR Performance Fees:  CMR’s fees to its clients are often performance based, with a proportion of the fee being deferred onto a successful outcome.  Operating in this way, allows CMR to align itself motivationally with its clients, and to obtain a greater eventual reward than would otherwise be possible.   Sometimes CMR will take equity as part of its remuneration.



CMR is structured to be of maximum value to those executives of high ability who want to be pro-active in developing their business and career potential, either as an integral member of the CMR team or in a private capacity, or both.  CMR provides total flexibility for its members, and whilst we hope that all will want to be proactive, CMR membership itself places no specific time commitments on the member.  All CMR members have full access to all the organisation’s facilities and resources. Specifically, CMR executives benefit:

1) From being part of a CMR Regional Team, helping to deal with the stream of small to medium-sized businesses approaching CMR for help.  Each CMR Region also develops business directly with SME client companies in conjunction with the many professional firms that work with us.  CMR Regions are responsible for developing and handling CMR’s business within its own geographic area.  CMR Regions are currently: South East; East Anglia; East Midlands; London Mid South; Chiltern Region; West Midlands; Thames Valley South West; Western Region; North West; Yorkshire & North East; CMR Scotland, CMR Ireland.

2) From being part of a CMR Affinity Group - these are multi-disciplined teams comprising CMR members sharing a common expertise and experience in particular industries.  By networking and combining with others having a similar background, great strength is achieved and many opportunities arise.  CMR Affinity Groups cover over 70 separate industries and functional groupings:

3) From being part of CMR’s Executive Network, which is an extremely powerful resource, and which generates many revenue opportunities for members directly. Access to the network is provided through CMR’s Website and regional/affinity group meetings.

4) From being continuously presented through CMR’s Internet Website to companies wanting to recruit interim or permanent executives, or consultants. CMR’s affiliated major professional firms also access the CMR executive database to seek the consultant help they require.

5) From the training facilities provided which help all CMR members to be more effective.  Special courses are also held in conjunction with our affiliated professional partners covering subjects such as corporate recovery, intellectual property & licensing, etc.

6) From the CMR membership discount scheme, which allows CMR members to save more than the total cost of CMR membership!

7) From being part of a highly supportive organisation, which truly helps its members to realise their potential, whilst respecting individuality and personal independence.

CMR’s Core Business Facilities:

Corporate Finance - equity and/or loan capital for development funding, working capital, turnarounds, mergers & acquisitions

Corporate Recovery, company doctoring to help troubled businesses.

Consultancy and management support to help companies achieve successful growth.

IPR International Licensing to help companies and universities with innovative products.

Mergers & Acquisitions to help companies to acquire or form beneficial linkages with others.

Progressive Company Sale Programme to provide SME owners with a MBI exit route.

Interim Management to allow temporary employment of CMR members by clients.

Non-Executive Directorships to help SME’s obtain the mature experience they need.



The main requirements for CMR membership:

1) You must be an experienced executive and be able to show that you have already achieved success in your own field of business activity.
2) You should have entrepreneurial skills, and be able to bring enthusiasm and initiative to bear on the projects you handle.
3) You must be prepared to operate within CMR’s ethical guidelines and standards of practice.

There are several different categories of people for whom membership of CMR will bring many practical benefits:

1) Executives wishing to develop a long-term independent career as part of a major consultancy group.
2) Existing independent consultants, who wish to broaden their scope of activity.
3) Executives wishing to work for themselves, but with the support of a major organisation behind them.
4) Partially retired executives who prefer not to fully retire just yet, and would welcome the opportunity to become involved either on a full-time or part-time basis.
5) Executives who prefer to work under contract with employers, either on an interim or permanent basis, but would benefit from the personal marketing undertaken for them through CMR’s Website, plus the contact and networking opportunities provided through CMR.



CMR should be viewed primarily as an opportunity generator. CMR membership is ideally suited to those executives of real ability, who are motivated and ambitious to develop business activity, either as part of a fast-growing entrepreneurial group, or as an independent consultant, or both! To continue its growth, CMR needs to attract executives of ability, who are interested in becoming part of our success and in helping us to maintain our position of being the number one organisation for SME’s in the UK.

CMR’s organisational structure has attracted much favourable comment for the innovative way it blends the skills and aspirations of its members into a flexible but highly supportive operation allowing each to develop their career progression in whichever way is best for the individual. One UK university sees CMR’s operational concept as the blueprint for business organisation in the future - where business works not through the old system of employer/ employee, but through the association of free people combining for mutual purpose. We think they are right!


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