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It would be true to say that CMR possesses all the resources and skills needed by small to medium-sized companies everywhere, to grow and prosper.  Not only do we have a superb senior executive network comprising some of the most talented people from every discipline and industry, but we also have the world's largest and most effect base of high net worth private investors, willing to help entrepreneurial and high-growth-potential companies.

Whilst CMR's ability to introduce businesses to investors is an obvious attraction, our many other facilities and services are also very important, both to our clients and in attracting business to us.  Many of these services are possible because of the strength and expertise of our executive base, whilst others are the result of CMR's highly innovative thinking about the business problems faced by small/ medium-sized companies and the solutions they need.

In addition to the provision of management support and management consultancy to businesses, CMR also provides specialist services for mergers & acquisitions, corporate recovery/ restructuring, intellectual property licensing, company sales and associated sales value improvement.

CMR also has a very special way for providing capital for companies where the capital provided is free of interest or repayment.  This is known as the CMR Self-funding Business Loan Scheme, and works by combining the input of finance with a review of the company's procurement activities.  It is a fact that the majority of small/ medium-sized companies do not purchase professionally and because of their size, do not get volume-related prices.  By using CMR's purchasing power, the cost savings we achieve are used to underpin the loan, pay the monthly interest cost, and over the 30 month contract period with CMR, the loan capital is repaid as well.

All of CMR's products and services are available to CMR's executive members (all membership categories), to introduce to companies and to become involved in providing those services (CMR Full & RMC Associate members).  By helping companies in this way, we can generate business and revenue for our organisation and its members.

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