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How much you will earn through CMR depends on how active and able you are and on how well you can handle and help clients, using all the resources CMR provides.  CMR gives excellent training & mentoring to help all new members become successful in the shortest possible time.  Many of our member's earnings exceed £100,000 p.a. - just from their CMR work - many also have private consultancy/business revenues on top.  There is no particular time lag for generating income - again it depends on the individual - many of our members develop good income flows very quickly.  To more fully understand the relationship between individual ability and earnings potential please read our candid review on this.

CMR provides all the resources and management support companies need to grow and prosper, and as a result our services are always in demand.  As a CMR member you have access to all CMR's resources & support.  Many companies want to talk about what CMR can do to help them - this is how business usually comes to CMR.  Although the majority of companies initially come to CMR looking for funding support, the conversation with them quickly extends to all the other many ways we (and you) can help them.  This allows us to develop business on a much wider basis than just the initial contact.

CMR opens many channels for members to earn fees and equity - here are just some of the ways:

1) CMR Regions:  As a Full Member you are entitled to be fully involved with your CMR Region.  Each CMR Region is responsible for running CMR's business in that geographic area.  That means dealing with existing clients, new clients, project management, marketing and networking with SMEs, professional firms, banks, Chambers of Commerce, etc.  All our CMR Regions need more active members - there is no lack of business for those of ability willing to put the effort in.

2) CMR Affinity & SBG Groups:  Getting actively involved with CMR Affinity Groups and CMR Special Business Groups.  These all specialise in providing the many expert services CMR gives to its business clients.  You will need to already have expertise in the areas you select to join, but additional training is provided.

3) CMR Direct Marketing:  Using CMR's Direct Marketing system to generate leads with prospective clients.  If the flow of business for any CMR member is below what they want, there is no limit to the number of appointments with interested potential clients that can be set-up for them using this system.  There is a small charge of only £25 + VAT per appointment - this is excellent value and a good way to generate business and income quickly.

4) CMR's Executive Database (automatic involvement for all members) for:

a) Interim Management & consultancy appointments

b) Non Executive Directorship appointments

c) Permanent executive appointments

d) Referrals of business and opportunities from other CMR members.

CMR's Interim Management and Executive Recruitment system is unique in automatically linking companies with suitable candidates.  To review the system click here.

5) Your Own Consultancy/Business:  Using CMR's resources, products and network to help you build your own consultancy or business - in a much wider and far more successful way than would be possible just by yourself.  CMR members have complete access to all of CMR's resources, and many of CMR’s members run their own successful consultancy or other business using CMR’s resources to help.

6) CMR Membership Savings:  Using CMR's various Member's Discount Schemes to save considerable amounts.  In fact those members taking advantage of CMR's Private Healthcare Scheme (through Norwich Union) will usually save far more than the entire cost of belonging to CMR!



Answer:  There is no time delay inherent in the CMR system.  If you are motivated and reasonably competent as an independent consultant, you can start earning straight away.  However, it must be said that many people will benefit from the training and mentoring provided by CMR, both of which help to make success and income generation more assured and quicker!