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The most effective senior executive recruitment source
Very fast, efficient and cost-effective
Puts candidates & recruiter in touch within 24 hours
For Interim Management & Permanent Appointments
CMR is the executive recruitment source of choice

CMR has an unique executive recruitment system, which is capable of putting recruiter and candidate in touch with each other, within 24 hours.  CMR's Executive Recruitment System is the fastest and least expensive way for companies to recruit the high calibre senior executives they need - for both permanent and interim management appointments.

Uniquely, companies can search the worldwide CMR executive base, see a colour photograph, the executive's CV/ Resume, plus the list of qualifications and skills/experience possessed.  It makes the selection of those possible candidates very easy - then CMR's internal procedures very rapidly checks the availability and interest of each selected executive, and passes the contact details directly to the client. 

It means that the recruiting company can be literally talking within 24 hours to those executive candidates who are both interested in the appointment and are available.  For the recruiter there is no time-wasting, and they will be able to make a very quick judgement on whether they are likely to find the person they need through CMR.  If they come to the view that they are not likely to find the right person, then of course they can then go the conventional recruitment route of advertising directly, or briefing their recruitment consultant, who will then eventually come back with a shortlist of candidates - and usually a hefty bill for the privilege.

CMR's system cuts through all of this, and puts recruiter and candidate in touch within 24 hours, effectively eliminating the middleman.  The CMR system is fast, very efficient, and inexpensive - a success fee of only 17.5% is charged - about half the fees charged by a conventional recruitment consultancy.  In addition, CMR pays a commission of 50% on recruitment/ interim management business introduced - this is payable to CMR members and/or to external introducers.

The CMR Recruitment system is the future - for too long the senior executive recruitment business has been dominated by boutique agencies charging obscenely high rates, often for providing a mediocre service.  That is about to change!  Soon there will not be a self-respecting HR/ personnel professional left who would dream of recruiting a senior executive without first consulting the CMR Website Recruitment System.  Within 24 hours they will know if they can recruit the right person through CMR - quickly and inexpensively, or whether they have to go the tortuous and expensive conventional way to recruit.




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