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ABOUT CMR - an executive member's perspective

CMR operates throughout the UK and Ireland and is the dominant provider of senior executive support and many essential business resources, including funding, for the SME sector (small to medium-sized enterprises).  CMR is managed and run by its executive members, all of whom are at director-level and have many years of senior management experience.

CMR is unique in providing a complete range of business resources many of which are highly innovative and special to CMR - see CMR's full product range.  As a result, CMR's services to its clients are always in demand, and CMR's executive members help those business clients to have the support they need.  Although clients will often approach CMR looking for specific help - quite often funding support - the conversations with CMR executives will usually extend into many other aspects of their business and identify other areas where CMR and its executive members can help.  It is this ability to expand an initial contact into a wide range of options and opportunities that gives CMR members so much potential for developing personal business and revenue.

CMR's executive members are part of a very large skills network, which gives every member the ability to handle and help clients even where highly specialist skills are needed.  CMR's members work through our Regional Structure, through our Special Business Groups, and through our Affinity Groups - all of which provide CMR members with unequalled opportunities to become fully involved in CMR's operations, and to develop significant fee income and financial independence.

CMR's executive members are given full training on CMR's range of services, and on how to become a successful independent consultant.  There is also a mentoring programme designed to help all members become financially successful in the shortest possible time.  Altogether, CMR provides the most powerful way for senior executives to use their skills and experience to quickly and personally build a successful consultancy business.  CMR's structure allows its members to build their business both directly through CMR and also through the development of private business - this gives CMR members unlimited potential to create a very significant income, as many do.

Please try to read as many sections of the CMR website as possible - it will give a good understanding on how we operate and the many ways you can interface with CMR to build your own financial independence.  When ready, please then contact us by email to arrange an introductory meeting and discussion.  Joining CMR can truly transform careers and give substantial income and financial independence.


CMR executive membership is open to senior experienced executives in all parts
of the world whether employed or independent.

The main requirements for CMR Full Membership:
1 You must be a senior, experienced executive (at director level or equivalent for CMR full membership) and be able to show that you have already achieved success in your own field of business activity.
2 You should have entrepreneurial skills, and be able to bring enthusiasm and initiative to bear on the projects you handle.
3 You must be prepared to operate within CMR’s ethical guidelines and standards of practice.

Three levels of membership
There are three levels of membership available:

FULL MEMBERSHIP - for senior (director-level) executives located in the UK or Ireland (being extended globally)

RMC ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - for experienced executives located in the UK or Ireland (being extended globally)

INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP - open to executives in all countries

CMR Full Membership
CMR Full Membership is open to senior, director-level executives located in the UK or Ireland - this will shortly be extended to many other countries.  Full membership is by invitation after interview and references.  Full members are able to be fully involved in CMR's regional operations and in managing/ handling CMR's clients most of whom comprise small to medium-sized companies.  Full members can also be fully involved in CMR's Special Business Groups, CMR Affinity Groups, and RMC's operations, CMR's Executive Recruitment & Interim Management Programme, and have full access to the CMR Network and Resource Base.  Full training and mentoring facilities are available to help new members.  For the full benefits list please click here.


RMC Associate Membership
This is an associate level of membership with lower entry requirements and limitations on level of involvement.  RMC members must be experienced executives, but not necessarily with the same seniority requirements as for Full Members.  RMC Associate Members can be actively involved with CMR & RMC Special Business Groups, CMR Affinity Groups, CMR's Executive Recruitment & Interim Management Programme, and have full access to the CMR Network and Resource Base.  For more details please click here.   RMC Membership is by invitation after interview.  RMC - Roan Management Consultants is a subsidiary of CMR.

CMR International Affiliate Membership
Affiliate Membership is open to all executives in all countries, whether employed or independent.  It is the only automatic membership category.  Affiliate Members are part of the overall CMR Executive Network, but are not involved in dealing with CMR/RMC's clients, or being part of the Regional, Affinity or Special Business Groups.  Affiliate members can be part of CMR's Executive Recruitment & Interim Management Programme, and do have full access to the CMR Network and Resource Base.  Click here to review the relative benefits of CMR Affiliate Membership.


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