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A great way to raise funding for your business

The route to excellent high-growth investments

For many companies there are no readily accessible sources of funding they require. Availability of funding on reasonable terms is often the single most important factor in preventing businesses from realising their full potential.

No established capital market for SME's exists in the UK, and for many companies there are no readily accessible sources of funding they require to expand and develop their business.

The problem is not just one of contacting suitable investors, but also in knowing how to structure the funding proposition in a way that will attract investment on reasonable terms and in reasonable time scales. The investor needs to feel comfortable with the company's forward plans and management structure. He needs to have confidence that his investment will be properly used and managed into the future.

CMR are constantly seeking good business propositions...

CMR is unique. It combines the financial resources of several hundred private investors with the skills of a network of experienced executives. CMR's investors are constantly seeking good business propositions. CMR's executives work closely with client companies to ensure that funding can be obtained quickly and professionally

Where CMR believes that changes may be necessary to attract investment, this will be discussed with the client. There is no charge for this preliminary assessment.

When CMR is satisfied that the proposition can attract investment, the client company will be introduced to its potential investors for direct discussions.

Good propositions invariably achieve the investment income they require...

CMR will be pleased to consider funding requirements, large or small, from any industry area. It will look at businesses at all stages of development, from fully established to start-ups.

CMR will quickly assess the situation and advise on any changes necessary before the presentation to a suitable CMR investor(s).

CMR will introduce one or more of its associated investors directly to the company for discussions to begin. A syndicate of investors may be introduced where appropriate.

To bring the arrangements to a successful conclusion, CMR will assist in the negotiations to help find the right formula for both the investor(s) and the company. The funding agreement will be directly between the investors and the company, and it is the responsibility of both parties to take independent professional advice as appropriate before completing.

We are here to help you to be successful...

Where additional management support is sought, either by the company or the investor, perhaps to strengthen an area of weakness that would otherwise be an obstacle to obtaining the required funding, CMR will help by providing the specialist executive expertise needed. CMRs executives are available for both short and long term assignments, as appropriate.

CMRs Business Funding Programme is fast, efficient and professional.
With CMR's help, good propositions invariably achieve the investment income they require.

Our track record of success will help you to be successful...

Since Cavendish Management Resources established its unique investor base, back in 1984, it has enjoyed substantial growth and now comprises several hundred private investors, and a similar number of senior executives. This combination of wide ranging executive expertise and private investments funds provides an exceptional support base for small to medium-sized businesses.

CMRs executives are all senior managers with many years experience of business at the sharp end. Most have held board appointments in major corporations, but now exercise their professional skills for the benefit of smaller companies. The diversity of industries and disciplines in which these executives have expertise, enables CMR to provide support to companies in every market sector.


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