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'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we could get some expert help in moving our sales and marketing ahead, without it costing a fortune.

'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we could have a really experienced sales and marketing professional to guide us in how to increase our sales and profitability.

'Wouldn't It Be Good' if he or she would actually help us to put that guidance into effect, to make sure we really do achieve results.

Sales are the lifeblood of every company – without it we die!  Growing and maintaining sales is the most crucial activity for any company, big or small.

What every company needs is the invigoration of our Sales & Marketing Consultancy Service!  It will breath fresh life and ideas into those parts your company's operations that are vital for sales and profitability increases.  The cost will be repaid many times over through the extra business generated – so confident are we, that many of our services are provided on a part-success fee basis.

Our Sales & Marketing Consultancy Services are segmented to provide exactly the help needed according to circumstances:

Sales & Marketing Operations Review - an independent assessment of the company's operations to identify areas for improvement and to recommend action to be taken.  This is an invaluable service for every company, carried-out by our professional and highly experienced executives.

Sales Management Task Force - to help galvanise sales activity, and to implement and support action to improve sales performance.  Our experienced sales & marketing executives work with you to bring about the changes needed to get things moving!

Export Sales Development Programme
- our export specialists will help to make your exporting business take-off.  We can also help with finding overseas distributors, producing export marketing materials and translation work.

Marketing Support Programme
- ensures the business is properly presented, both through having suitable marketing materials (brochures, etc.) and where appropriate, a good level of PR and/or advertising exposure.  Our executives will advise on changes needed to the company's image presentation and can help to implement these as appropriate.

Market Research & Customer Appraisals
- We can arrange for cost-effective market research to be undertaken.  We also undertake confidential appraisal surveys with customers to establish the views and opinions held concerning the company's performance, quality, helpfulness, staff attitudes, etc. - these inexpensive surveys are an excellent way to find out what your customers really think about you, and any areas of improvement they would like to see.

Internet Website Design & Maintenance - We provide a highly cost-effective service producing a professional website both quickly and inexpensively.  Our Website development engineers are based in India to provide outstanding value for money.

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