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A unique method of business finance, providing small and medium-sized companies with loans that make no demands on cashflow, while substantially increasing profits.





Business Finance Scheme

Self-funding finance

for growing businesses*

*Finance options available through

GE Commercial Finance




CMR Business FinanceCavendish Management Resources has set up this scheme and can arrange finance options through GE Commercial Finance or other funder, creating the most innovative funding package available to businesses today.

The package provides substantial levels of finance at no extra cost to cashflow and with the interest and service charges usually being self-funded by the scheme.

The scheme works by linking the input of new capital to a thorough review of the company’s purchasing operations. By using specialist purchasing input, significant quality improvements and cost savings are achievable, which would not normally be available to the company by itself.

The cost savings achieved may be used to underpin the finance facilities, to pay the interest and other service charges and to cover the costs of the scheme, with any balance going directly into the company’s profits.

There are no upfront fees. The whole scheme is self-financing. All the costs are funded from the savings achieved.





ü Upon agreement, CMR and its associates undertake a free purchase audit and advise the company on the cost savings achievable.

G E Commercial Finance or other funder can then be brought in to advise on the best

ü overall financing package to suit the company's circumstances

ü The company decides which of the suggested savings to adopt and the mechanics of the scheme are finalised.

ü The company then has the discretion to take up the new finance, which may be confirmed by GE Commercial Finance or other funder following satisfactory due diligence and a formal approval process.

ü Each month, the company commits to pay a portion of the agreed savings to CMR to cover the costs of the scheme. The balance can be used to pay down the interest and service charges associated with any new finance that has been set up, with any residue going directly back into company profits - or to provide more capital.

ü When the main phase of the scheme has ended, CMR continues to monitor the purchasing efficiency of the company to ensure that all savings continue to be maximised.





The Purchase AuditThe audit will normally show potential savings of between 10% and 15% of a company's purchase costs. This is achieved through a mixture of price renegotiation, changes of supplier and improvements to procedures. There will be no sacrifice of quality. Any new suppliers we recommend will have been pre-vetted.

CMR can identify savings of this size because of extensive purchasing connections that are not available to most small businesses, and great experience in identifying potential cost reductions. This does not mean that your business is inefficient: even the best-run companies find they can make substantial savings. If your company has purchase

costs of around £1½ million a year or more, enough savings will probably be available to make a project viable. This will be verified at the initial audit.





Project ControlThe company controls the project completely. It need not accept any recommendation CMR makes. No one canfoist unwanted suppliers or new funders upon it. If the company changes its mind, it can revert to the previous supplier or move to another one altogether.

In addition, the project agreement makes extensive allowance for savings that cannot be implemented immediately and for changed circumstances during the life of the scheme.




The Business Finance Scheme offers the dual benefits of the procurement expertise offered by Cavendish Management Finance Corporation Ltd, a division of CMR and comprehensive funding packages available from reputable funders such as GE Commercial Finance - one of the largest providers of business finance in the world.

How often do companies identify an investment they need to make in order to maintain and improve competitiveness - only to find that they cannot implement it for lack of finance?

Now there is a solution. Now you can source new finance and fund it entirely from savings in the purchase costs of your business. There is no comparable scheme on the market.





Make a dramatic improvement to your business today. Contact CMR and one of our executives will come and see you to explain the scheme and how it could be made to work for your company.





The CMR Business Finance Scheme

We will work with you to establish the steps to your success:

ü Free audit of your purchasing by leading experts in the field

ü Substantial annual savings identified, using only quality-vetted suppliers

ü Savings linked to new finance that can be provided by G E Commercial Finance

ü 30-month scheme with all costs covered from the savings

ü Ongoing monitoring of purchase efficiency when the scheme ends

ü You retain control over all purchase decisions





Since Cavendish Management Resources established its unique investor base, back in 1984, it has enjoyed substantial growth and now comprises several thousand private investors and senior executives. This combination of wide ranging executive expertise and private investment funds provides an exceptional support base for small to medium-sized businesses.

CMR's executives are all senior managers with many years experience of business at the sharp end. Most have held board appointments in major corporations, but now exercise their professional skills for the benefit of smaller companies. The diversity of industries and disciplines in which these executives have expertise enables CMR to provide specialist support to companies in every market place.


In addition to the above Business Finance Scheme in conjunction with GE Commercial Finance, CMR also offers a direct Loan Scheme through other major banks where the interest and capital will normally be paid from cost savings achieved. The loan in this scheme is limited to not exceed one year's cost saving (minimum loan is £200,000).


The Scheme uses the purchase cost savings inherently available in almost all smaller companies to provide loan capital that costs the company nothing. Normally the company’s share of the savings will cover in full both the loan capital repayments and the lender’s interest charges. The Scheme is based on four principles:

A loan of up to 100% of the annual cost savings identified

Loan repayable over 30 months, which will also be the length of the Scheme
Savings achieved are split between the company and CMR
The company’s share is used to repay the loan capital and interest directly to the lender.  CMR’s share pays the Scheme costs

At the end of the Scheme, all the cost savings accrue to the company in perpetuity.


For more information, or to request that a CMR executive makes contact with you, please call CMR’s head office on 020 7636 1744 or e-mail
This is an overview of the scheme. It is not a representation that you are eligible to participate and does not form part of a legal contract. The scheme is provided by Cavendish Management Finance Corporation Ltd, a subsidiary of CMR.

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