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Growing Business Support Scheme

         Do you want to drive your business  forward?

         Have you set your heart on achieving a specific goal?

Have you recognised that both these desires require exceptional skill, courage and foresight?

And have you come to the conclusion that you may need to find someone you can trust and respect to help you to make the most effective decisions to keep you on the right track?  

         CMR has years of experience in this area and we can tell you that very few people can successfully manage the growth of their business on their own or recognise early enough the need for outside impartial help!


         It's tough out there, especially in the current economic climate.  And having unbiased support is of immeasurable value - it can make all the difference between success and failure.

What do you need?  

         Someone who has "hands on" experience of investing in and running a successful business - to bounce-back, generate and challenge ideas without prejudice whenever needed.


         The right person to help with the business planning and perhaps help in achieving an ideal exit strategy.


         A really experienced, independent business executive who could spend at least one day per month getting to know my business and my management team, and who can share the benefits of his experience with us all.


         An organisation on hand to help raise funds, acquire new, perhaps complementary businesses or who could sell my business at the right time.

How can it work for you?

A CMR executive will work 'permanently' with you for say, one day per month and more if you need it.  He will provide the individual help so that the company can move forward.

CMR's Growing Business Support Scheme provides exactly the help you need at a modest, affordable cost.

Dependent on current turnover, our fees range from £450 per month plus VAT and travel expenses.  Your CMR Senior Executive will become involved in the strategic and tactical operations of your business. He will also be available to discuss issues over the telephone or by email during the month.

You will also have preferential access to CMR's service and expertise network.   And over time, you will build a relationship together so that he will become your confidante.

Personal chemistry is vital so we match our executive resource base exactly with your business needs to ensure a good fit in terms of background, skillbase and personality.

If CMR raises funds, finds suitable acquisitions for you or assists in the sale of your company, our success fee will be reduced based on the monthly payments paid to date.

          Increase your profitability

         Achieve your growth projections

         Maximise value on exit

         Provide wealth-creating opportunities for your employees

Please contact us to arrange for an initial exploratory meeting - at no cost to you.

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