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International Technology Licensing

Commercially exploit your invention in the best possible way

For many innovative companies and private inventors, the best way to commercially develop the market potential of their new product or idea is through international licensing. If handled properly, licensing can result in much faster and wider development of the potential that can be achieved by trying to develop the product directly or through distributors. And, licensing can usually remove many of the risks normally associated with establishing new products.

For innovative products or ideas with global potential, licensing can produce substantial up-front monies, as well as major royalty revenues downstream.

The successful commercial development of any new product requires established distribution strengths, credibility, the ability to access and penetrate major markets quickly with the sales and marketing muscle to promote the product. On a global basis, these are not strengths possessed by small companies or individuals, so a linkage with large corporations is usually beneficial. When properly negotiated, the large corporation will also be responsible for protecting the patent or other IPR from infringement by others.

Effective international licensing requires a great deal of experience and strong technical and IPR related skills, combined with the commercial expertise to professionally deal with large corporations around the world. It is, however, a potential minefield, where quite literally one false move can be commercially fatal - it is very important that the licensing strategy and negotiations are handled by experts in the field.

The CMR Licensing Programme

The Cavendish Management Resources IPR programme ensures intellectual property is technically and commercially protected and developed to maximise royalty revenues. It operates as follows:


  • CMR agrees with the owner of the IPR its terms for involvement - which will usually be for a minority equity share in the invention.

  • If external funding is required, CMR will introduce members from its private investor bank, as appropriate.

  • The security of the patents (or other IPR) will be fully reviewed. This includes not only technical security aspects, but also the risk to the IPR of attack from third parties. In addition, if substantial overseas royalties are likely to be received, the question of tax planning will also be addressed.

  • The licensing strategy will be agreed, including targeting of prospective licensees, method of approach,type of agreement sought and up-front payments and royalty rates required.

  • A marketing package will be prepared, to present the product in the most beneficial way.

  • Negotiations will begin with target licensees. The objective is to have as many as possible keen to finalise a deal in the same time frame. In this way, initial payments, royalty rates and other contractual conditions can be maximised.

  • Negotiations will be continued until the desired deal is completed and the legal aspects finalised.

  • The licensing agreements reached will be policed to ensure the correct royalties are paid during the life of the agreement.

Accessing the CMR Licensing Programme

Please make initial contact by email to for confidential discussions with CMR's International Licensing Division.

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