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CMR business funding

CMR is unique in providing businesses with access to all normal funding sources and to its own private investor base - both directly and through the CMR-managed global FundEX stockmarket


CMR specialises in helping businesses to obtain the funding support they need.  CMR helps all companies whatever they do and wherever they are and whatever their size - from large established businesses right down to individual entrepreneurs starting-up.  CMR's executives have great experience and can help you to successfully finance your business.

CMR can advise on the best funding strategy to adopt.  There are many different types of funding - some will be suitable for your situation, some will not.

CMR can advise on how best to present your proposition and how best to remove any barriers there maybe to successfully attracting financiers and investors.

CMR can introduce suitable sources of funding depending on the businesses' needs and circumstances - banks, finance houses, venture capital and private equity.

Uniquely CMR can also introduce your proposition to CMR's own global investor base of high net worth people looking to invest into potentially high-growth opportunities.  Click to read more about CMR's investor base.

When the time is right, CMR can also help to raise funding through one of the recognised SME stockmarkets - AIM, OFEX or FundEX - the latter is managed by CMR.  Click to read more about FundEX

TAKE ACTION NOW!  To discuss your funding needs - please contact CMR by phone or email to or complete this online form.  The earlier you contact us, the earlier we can help - don't spend time on plans and presentations without first getting our advice - it will save you much time and money!



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